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Starting out under the name “Netvisor”, the business now known as 24/7 Computer Doctors started as a sole proprietorship under the direction of Derrick Wood. His vision for the business began while he was attending Howard University. Shortly after starting the business, Mr. Wood developed a partnership with his current business partner, Chinelo Cambron. After careful observation of the current gaps in the areas of computer marketing and a thorough assessment of the skills that Mr. Wood and Mr. Cambron synergistically brought to the table, Derrick saw a need for computer sales and support and knew he and Cambron could make the business work with their combined skill set.
Fast forwarding, 11 years later, business owners Derrick Wood and Chinelo Cambron have finally realized their goal of building a vehicle to create wealth and to help their community in the process.

We wish we could say it was that simple, but unfortunately, simple doesn’t quite paint the most accurate picture of 24/7 Computer Doctors. A better depiction of the story behind the success of 24/7 Computer Doctors is the old saying ‘No pain, no gain’.

As a matter of fact, when asked about securing financing to start the business, the two business partners had this to say:
“We didn’t find start-up money. We built computers from money that we made working at a Howard University student-run lab, Computer Learning and Design Center (CLDC). After passing out flyers and using word of mouth, we were able to sell computers to get started and eventually get office space. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that we were able to get a loan from Industrial Bank”.

Putting this into greater perspective, the two business owners rated the financing process as a nine on a scale of 1 to 10 and, honestly, who can blame them?! They attempted to access capital for the first 9 years of business; not 9 months, but NINE YEARS!!

It would seem that these two business owners decided to go into business just before the lure of instant gratification that is ever so prominent in today’s microwave society.

So what if you have already fallen victim to the desire for instant gratification? Not to worry. If by some strange happenstance you have already been bitten by the ever present instant gratification bug, the business owners, Wood and Cambron, were careful to note that in today’s society, there are more available resources for business owners to utilize for financial support. So, if you are considering going into business for yourself, consider reaching out to the ‘Department of Small, Local and Disadvantaged Business’ (DSLBD), one of the resources utilized by Cambron and Wood.
The question then becomes, how much perseverance is necessary to run a successful business? In the case of 24/7 Computer Doctors, perseverance can be attributed to a large portion of the business’ success. When discussing one of the business’ greatest failures and what was learned as a result of enduring the failure, the business owners reflected on a challenging time in their business where they had such a slow influx of customers they almost had to closed down. What they learned in this was that you must ACTIVELY advertise in this type of business; active advertisement is necessary in almost any business for that matter if your business’ goal is to continually prepare for success.

Speaking of success, Wood and Cambron recommend that aspiring entrepreneurs learn from those already in successful businesses, since it can save them from making huge mistakes and learning things the hard way. By employing such wise advise, 24/7 Computer Doctors have been fortunate enough to realize their proudest achievement, finishing all of the IT solutions for Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in southeast DC and seeing how the new equipment (such as Smart boards and sound enhancement systems) added to the school would help expose students to more technology.
In addition to the above mentioned accomplishment, 24/7’s philanthropic efforts extend to include the support of Takoma Park Boys and Girls club (the hometown of Derrick and Chinelo), First Source, the Department of Employment Service (DOES) and Youthbuild.

So when it comes to your computer service needs, make 24/7 Computer Doctor’s your first and last stop. After all, your money will be well spent on quick turnaround times as well as the unrelenting desire to pour into and uplift the communities from which they work and live.

To schedule a consultation feel free to call (202) 787-3925 in DC, (301) 560-0835 in MD or email 247@247computerdoctors.com. www.247computerdoctors.com


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