Congress Heights Shooting


Early January a shooting occurred in the 600 block of Alabama Ave. SE., in the city’s Ward 8 neighborhood of Congress Heights.

Three teens were shot in a suspected shoot out among rival groups near several schools around 9:30am.  Police said the victims were between ages 16 to 19 years old.  The three teens were together when they were shot, however no arrests have been made and one of the three victims was critically wounded.  The Metropolitan Police Department said they were questioning two people who were caught after a chase involving the shooting.

Police Chief, Cathy Lanier was at the scene of the crime.  She said, “It’s unfortunate that it would happen in front of a school, especially an elementary school, which is kind of the enraging part of this thing.”

Residents in the neighborhood have stated that truancy is a major problem across the ward.  They cite Ballou Senior High School as one of the main sources of the problem. LaKesha Smith, an Anacostia resident, said kids skipping school is the problem.  “Truancy is really a problem. As I’m dropping off my children in the morning I see high schoolers walking these streets. This shouldn’t be.”

After the shooting, many parents surrounded the schools where their children attended, all hoping that their children were safe.

Imagine Southeast Public Charter School in the 3100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and King Elementary in the 3200 block of Sixth Street were placed on lockdown after the shooting.


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