D.C. Cab Drivers Oppose Fare Hikes


In December the D.C. Taxi Commission approved cab fare hikes that would cost D.C. riders more.  In mid- January by the commission more than a dozen drivers expressed disapproval, in a meeting that was held to hear public discourse.

Under the proposed increases by the commission in December, the base fare would remain at $3, but the per-mile rate would jump from $1.50 to $2.16; however, this is 59 cents less than what cab drivers had requested.

Cab drivers expressed disapproval saying that the elimination of fees is actually costing them more than the small increases in fare hikes.  One of the highly contested changes was the five-year age limit on older mileage vehicles.  Drivers complained that this rule would put some drivers out of business.

Chairman Ron Linton has stated that the changes are reasonable amid public disapproval by the drivers.

Another major change includes the wait-time rate, which would increase from $15 to $25 an hour and fees for luggage, additional passengers, pets, emergency fuel surcharge and personal service would be eliminated.

A spokesman for the rider advocacy group, D.C. Taxi Watch supports the changes because they eliminate arbitrary charges.

The commission is not set to vote again, but the chairman said the public feedback could lead to more changes.



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