Occupy D.C. to be Evicted


Citing rat infestation, clean up and restoration, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) wants the Occupy D.C. movement to be evicted from McPherson Square, in downtown Washington.

Gray sent a letter to the National Park Service about the concern for sanitary conditions and suggested having participants move to another encampment at Freedom Plaza.

The city’s health director also sent a letter citing ongoing concerns for the risk of hypothermia, fire threats from the use of candles and propane heaters, inadequate food sanitation.  The letter also stated that the rodent infestation is visible even in daylight hours.

The movement, which was sparked by Occupy Wall Street, out of New York, began occupying McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza in October.  As they move into their fifth month in February they are determined to work with the Park Service.  A spokesman for the group said they recognize the rodent issue and would like it to be resolved, but believe they can continue to peacefully assemble while the situation is handled.


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