DC Wrap Up: Election News


The April 3rd Democratic primary in D.C. is weeks away with major city council races taking place in Ward 4 with incumbent Muriel Bowser (D), Ward 7 incumbent Yvette Alexander (D), Ward 8 incumbent Marion Barry (D), At-Large incumbent, Vincent Orange (D) and a special election in Ward 5 with top contenders Kenyan McDuffee (D) and Delano Hunter (D). Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans (D) and U.S. House Representative Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton are running unopposed.
In the past the primaries were held in September and the general election was held soon after in November. However, the primary has been moved to April this year, which meant candidates had to pick up nominating ballots n November of 2011, gather enough petition signatures by January 4th in order to qualify for the primary ballot. This gave candidates’ shorter time to campaign for the tough campaign fight, but a longer time to regroup if they don’t win and the opportunity to form a write-in campaign before the general in November.
Ward 6 resident Lisa Bennett said, “I think it’s way too early this year.” She noted that the early primary doesn’t give voters enough time to make an informed decision about which they should be selecting to represent them. Still others think it’s ok. Maggie Lewis, of the Brookland neighborhood, said “I get to keep a yard sign up much longer.”


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