The Choice is Clear: Re-Elect Marion Barry


The Capital News Editorial Board has carefully considered the qualifications of the candidates running for the Ward 8 Council seat and decided, unequivocally, that the only viable candidate is the incumbent, Marion Barry.
Marion Barry has proven time and time again that he not only has a true passion for the issues affecting the residents but that he truly cares about the people of the Ward.
Marion Barry, unlike the other candidates, is extremely knowledgeable about the District of Columbia. He is able to identify and secure funding to better support critical services that benefit residents.
Marion Barry is also the only candidate with a proven record of results. Since the beginning of the School Modernization Program in 2008, he has successfully worked with the former Mayor Adrian Fenty and the D.C. Council to secure over $183 million for Ward 8 schools. We expect education to continue to be his primary focus and Ward 8 residents should believe he is capable of delivering results.
Councilmember Barry has made a commitment to continue working to close the educational achievement gap in Ward 8 through the acquisition of essential student, teacher, and family resources. Included in this plan is an expanded summer job program, athletic program, and cultural enrichment programs.
Marion Barry has a proven track record of providing employment opportunities not only to residents of Ward 8, but also those in need throughout the District of Columbia. This is another reason why we believe he should be re-elected as the Councilmember representing Ward 8.
Affordable housing will continue to be an issue over the next four years and Barry’s efforts to work with Mayor Vincent Gray to establish 10,000 new and renovated housing units in the ward are key to Ward 8’s resurgence as a place to live, work, and grow.
Marion Barry is a true and steadfast friend of small businesses in Ward 8. He has successfully worked to revitalize the Ward 8 economy by rallying his fellow councilmembers and the mayor to support his initiatives that benefit more than 90 locally owned businesses, as well as the establishment of the new D.C. Circulator route, and the revitalization of the 11th Street Bridge.
In short, to succeed in reducing the unemployment rate in Ward 8, Marion Barry must continue to encourage and establish home ownership through housing programs such as Home Purchase Assistance and improve access to quality education, affordable housing, health care, transportation and recreational activities for Ward residents, with seniors as a priority. We believe that the choice is clear that Marion Barry should be reelected as the Councilmember to represent Ward 8.


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