Taxi Fair Increase Approved


The D.C. taxi debate has been in the news over the past several months, spilling over from late fall.

The D.C. Taxi Commission unanimously approved a deal that would make rides pay more for a cab ride.  The base fair will remain the same, at $3, but the mileage rate will increase to $2.16 per mile from $1.50. Passengers will also pay additional charges for baggage and additional passengers.

Under the new deal, riders will pay 50 cents for “each piece of luggage the operator places in his or her trunk.” Presently, passengers pay 50 cents for each bag handled by the driver beyond the first. Briefcases, purses, bags of groceries and parcels of similar size” would be exempted from the luggage charge.

Justin Lewis, of ward 8, said, “these new fares are ridiculous! Cab drivers already don’t want to come and pick up Black people in southeast or drop us off. Now they want people to pay these high prices? This is a recession!”

However, one cab driver, who chose to remain anonymous, said “D.C. people need to stop being so cheap and realize we have families to feed just like they do!”

This debate will play out in the streets. Riders will have to decide if they will continue taking taxi’s or find alternative routes of transportation.


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