1st Annual Mr. and Mrs. Congress Heights


This year the Congress Heights Day coordinators added a new ele¬ment to the yearly parade tradition; a Mr. and Mrs. Congress Heights pageant. The pageant was held the Friday before the parade at the Old Congress Heights School, a staple landmark in the community.

Participants in the pageant were some of Ward 8’s finest and each person was asked to model different outfits and answer a ques¬tion from the judges panel. In the end there were two sets of winners crowned, a junior and senior Mr. and Mrs. Congress Heights.

Adult men who participated in the first annual event included Mr. Philip Pannell, James Bunn and Phinis Jones. Sandra Seegars, Sandy Allen, Lolita Lee, Carmen McCall and Mary Cuthbert were the female partici¬pants.

Mr. Phinis Jones and Ms. Mary Cuthbert won the crown in the end for the first Mr. and Mrs. Congress Heights, both of whom have lived and worked in the community for over 30 years.

In the youth category Audrey Hailes, a 4-year-old D.C. Prep student won and Damyen Lowe, a 6-year-old Imagine Public Charter School stu¬dent won to be crowned as the first Jr. Mr. and Miss Congress Heights.

The coordinator, Monica Ray said she added this element as a kickoff to the event and hopes to see it grow in the years to come!


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