D.C. Workers Demand Back Furlough Pay


An online petition has been created by D.C. workers to demand back furlough pay for working last year due to budget shortages. The petition was created by a program analyst for the Child and Family Services Agency, Roger Scott.

Last year city workers worked four furlough days unpaid and the city was able to save needed money, according to officials at the Wilson Building. The D.C. Council has blocked efforts by Mayor Gray (D) to pay workers back pay totaling 22 million dollars for the four days.

The petition also calls for the back pay for workers who were not given raises they were owed, known as STEP increases in government terms. Raises were frozen to save money.

The online petition states:

As District of Columbia employees, we DEMAND:

2. Every employee that was due a step increase during the last fiscal year must be reimbursed IN FULL for every paycheck that was affected;

3. That District officials immediately begin a process to raise the current pay scale for District employees to take effect in the next fiscal year.

The Facts:

-The District did not have have a budget shortfall last fiscal year. In fact, the Distict had a SURPLUS of $240 MILLION, making any furlough of city employees needless;

-Although Mayor Gray has proposed fairly paying back district employees for lost pay, some City Council members such as David Catania and Jim Graham (annual salary $130,000) are pledging use OUR money for other “priorities”;

There are nearly 360 signatures on the petition.


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