Race for the Cure


Some 27,000 walkers and runners gathered at the National Mall earlier this month in support of the 21st annual Suzan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure. The walk is an annual engagement for many, but for many others like Nikeesha Parraway, a 33 year old woman who recently lost her mother to a fight with breast cancer, this year’s walk marks the first of what may very well become a family tradition.

Ms. Parraway arrived at the event, her two month old baby boy in tow, her younger sister, and a few other family and friends sporting pink customized shirts bearing a lively picture of her mother, Sheila Parraway, whom passed away due to breast cancer just 8 months ago. Nikeesha Parraway, proud to be a part of the memorable experience explains that she, “…will be more diligent in performing self breast exams now that [she’s] more knowledgeable of the disease.”

The 5K walk which equates to approximately 3.1 miles is an effective effort to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. This year, according to the Susan G. Komen official website, millions of dollars were raised.


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