President Obama Losing Steam?


The road is getting rocky for President Obama’s campaign.  In a political climate that can go up and down in the matter of a day, critics have stated that the campaign is not on the up.  However, supporters of Obama say he will weather this storm.

In recent weeks Obama has made small public gaffes that the Mitt Romney campaign has begun to run with.  During a news conference he said, “the private sector is doing fine.”  He later backpedaled on that comment, but not before Republicans could begin using it against him.

Most recently, a memo from Democracy Corps, a research group headed by political consultant James Carville and Stan Greenberg, stated that the Obama campaign message is out of touch with the pain everyday people are feeling.  The memo was referring to the economic message the president’s campaign continues to push.  They gathered this data from focus groups in May with swing voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, two of the largest battleground states in America.

The memo stressed the need for the campaign to message around the need to make a better future for the middle class and stray away from jobs and the economy.

The latest economic numbers are not giving the president much steam either, with the reports that state the economy only added 69,000 jobs in the month of May.

Further, surrogates of the Democratic party have been making messaging gaffes. When the Obama campaign ran an ad, criticizing Romney’s a corporate turnaround artist, Newark Mayor, Cory Booker described it as “nauseating” and former Pennsylvania governor Edward G. Rendell called it “disappointing.”

Further, former President Bill Clinton, stated in an interview that he thought Romney was a decent business man.  Again, the Romney campaign and Republicans ran with all three of these soundbites.

Still, ardent supporters feel like the Obama campaign may not have had great weeks over the past month, but hope that his stance on many of the issues will draw stark contrasts to that of Romney.


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