A is for Anacostia


East of the Anacostia River, there is a neighborhood named after it.  Many say this is the forgotten area of the city.  Anacostia is in the 8th ward of the city and it has seen its share of economic hardships, but there is an author who is investing into Anacostia and has written a book about this part of the city.

Dr. Courtney Davis is the author of a children’s book, A is for Anacostia.  Davis, a nine-year resident of Anacostia says she wrote the book because of the lack of resources for children in her neighborhood.

Davis has been working with pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children helping them to develop their speech and writing skills.  While working with the students, she decided that she would incorporate information that was familiar to the students and their parents. When she visited local libraries she did not find the resources she needed, and thus the book was created.

Davis’ book reflects the children in the neighborhood of Anacostia and highlights the popular community places in the area.  In her book, she includes staple businesses like The Big Chair, a community coffee shop that serves food, the Anacostia Park and the Anacostia Community Museum, which is apart of the Smithsonian Institution!

The book is now available at the Anacostia Library, which is located on Good Hope Rd., SE.  Readers may purchase the book at the Anacostia Art Gallery or at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, both located in Anacostia. In addition, you can find the book at Sankofa Video & Books, Politics & Prose Bookstore and Busboys and Poets (on 14th St & V).

For more information about the book, please visit the website www.aisforanacostia.com




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