Vice Presidential Debate


The first Vice Presidential debate took place this month, along with the first round of Obama vs. Mitt. Biden, an experienced former Senate leader, brought the fight to the younger Republican member of the House of Representatives.

In the debate, held at the University of Kentucky, the audience witnessed Vice President, Joe Biden and Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Wisconsin Representative, Paul Ryan debating foreign policy.

Polls that predicted the winner after the debate have been scattered. In a CBS poll, results showed Biden with 50 percent lead to Ryan’s 31 percent result showing.  However, CNN showed Ryan with a 4 point edge leading 48 percent to Biden’s 44 percent.

Many analysts say that the polls are so off not because of the content and indecisiveness of the debate, but rather many people could be torn with the non-verbal body language both men were sending, making the content of the debate distracting.

Biden laughed often, while Ryan smirked frequently.  Both of these behaviors can be seen as distracting. After analysis of the debate showed that Biden came off as too aggressive, and at times dismissive to many of Ryan’s comments. Ryan too, seemed to be uncomfortable, drinking water consistently throughout the debate.

Still the debate was content heavy, with Biden and Ryan both rattling off statistics that the other side have stated.  Biden and Ryan spoke in depth about their party and their presidential candidate’s position on the wars, with Biden highlighting, “On Iraq, the president said he would end the war. Gov. Romney said that was a tragic mistake.”

Biden went in for the kill when he mentioned Romney’s “47%” controversy as well as the Republican nominee’s tax rate. However, Ryan defended every comment or gaffe sated by his party and Republican presidential nominee.


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