Book Release Celebration: You Can Make It on Broken Pieces by Dr. Delores R. Garvin


CAMP SPRINGS, Maryland – Approximately three dozen guests including long time friends, family members, and colleagues gathered at New Life Praise Community for an intimate book signing. The event celebrated the release of Dr. Delores Garvin’s first book – “You Can Make It on Broken Pieces”, which is filled with personal stories that most readers will not soon forget!

In the book, Dr. Garvin compares circumstances in her life with those of Apostle Paul’s journey on a ship in Acts, Chapter 27. Her primary goal is to help readers understand that life does not have to be perfect for them to achieve success. She has created a formula using “broken pieces” to help readers see that they can take stumbling blocks and use them as stepping stones to move them to higher levels in their journey. According to the book, her recipe for making it on “broken pieces” calls for “a large portion of spiritual foundation, a dash of faith (the size of a mustard seed), heavy portions of love, strength, and prayer, and a sprinkling of positive attitude”.

Mary Jones, a longtime friend, who attended the signing to congratulate Dr. Garvin, commented: “I’m personally proud of Delores penning her first book because she has talked about it for so long and I am happy that she reached her goal – making her dream a reality. This will certainly be the first of many books from Delores.  It was a blessing to read the book and a surprise to learn intimate details about Delores’ life that I hadn’t previously been aware of.”

Dr. Garvin presents a powerful testimony and plans to continue to write in an effort to inspire others to use the strength they draw from God to make it through the storms that we all inevitably face from time to time in our lives. Unfortunately, Dr. Garvin is not without criticism. Her sister, Mrs. Betty Scott-Clemens, openly voiced some doubt about making extremely personal details of their childhood public – particularly the book’s assertion that their father was well-known in their small, rural North Carolina city as the “town drunk.” Despite her differing opinion over how the journey of their early years is portrayed, Ms. Scott-Clemens has been an avid supporter of her sister’s ambitions referring to her as the “every ready battery, because she never stops going.”

Another excited supporter of the author, was her husband [insert husband’s name] who proclaimed, “Education is something you have to be hungry for [in order] to succeed. I witnessed Delores maintaining a full-time job, a part-time job while balancing family life with children – all while completing her four year education [at the University of Maryland]. That is hungry!” It is this hunger and ambition that has lead Dr. Garvin to begin work on her second book which she said, “…drew inspiration from the completion of her first book, and will be a collection of stories on brokenness and how others drew strength on their brokenness in order to overcome.”  No amount of implied or actual controversy will deter Dr. Garvin from expressing her truth and encouraging others to do the same.

Dr. Delores R. Garvin will continue to use her experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother and Pastor of New Life Praise Community, Inc., to draw inspiration. She holds a Philosophy of Religious Studies Degree, Master of Divinity Degree, and she is a board qualified Chaplin. Dr. Garvin’s belief is that individuals with God as their guide and a sound faith can accomplish their dreams and be joyful.Show More

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