Presidential Rematch


Tuesday October 16, 2012 was the second presidential debate.  This debate was a stark difference in the first in that the tone was much more assertive on the president Obama and former Massachusetts Governor, now Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

This debate focused on jobs and the economy with CNN’s veteran political reporter, Candy Crowley moderating.  She kept the two men on their toes as the debate was shaped in the form of a town hall.

Hot topics of discussion included economic opportunity, immigration reform, and foreign policy, with the president calling Romney’s remarks about the recent U.S. Ambassador’s killing at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, “offensive” in a more serious moment of the debate.

Following up on that comment Romney said the president never officially addressed the Lybia incident as an act of terror.  However, the president addressed Romney and said that he stood in the Rose Garden and did call the incident an act of terrorism and encouraged Romney to “check the transcripts.”  Crawley affirmed the president’s remarks.

This second debate showed the president more prepared, whereas in the first debate he was passive and less assertive. Romney also went on the attack, walking up to the president to address him in a face-to-face encounter.

Romney accused Obama of being responsible for high gas prices and the president responded saying, “That’s just not true, Governor Romney, that’s just not true.”

Both criticized each other’s tax plans where Obama said Romney’s plan didn’t add up.

One member of the town hall audience asked the president what he has done for America since he has taken office. Obama responded and reminded the gentleaman that he’s kept his promise on the war in Afghanistan, having troops pull out, he has searched and killed Bin Laden, he has turned the economy around and he is on track to helping create new jobs.

The next and final debate will take place next week.  With three weeks out, every move could change the way the race goes.


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