New Healthcare Plan United to Help DC Seniors Get More Benefits


Healthcare for seniors is a topic that touches us all.  Throughout life, we watch the older people in our lives struggle to keep healthy and some day we will likely be in the same position, if we are not there already.

The mounting financial burden of healthcare and navigating the healthcare system can be a serious issue for seniors.  The end resulting lack of care leads to heightened illnesses and earlier deaths.  For this reason, healthcare providers like UnitedHealthcare are looking at new ways to help assist and care for the elderly.

Do you or do you know someone over 65 that is suffering from a chronic illness?  Are they covered by Medicare part A and B and Medicaid?  Could they benefit from additional assistance, at no extra cost?

UnitedHealthcare is out to ease the load and responsibility on seniors in the District of Columbia by introducing a new plan for the 65 plus with both Medicaid and Medicare called Dual Complete.  Where in, the senior still gets the normal benefits but in addition, gets transportation, vision, dental, and over the counter health items all at no additional cost.

Dual Complete participants get 24 one-way rides per year to get to their appointments.  They get up to $180 to spend on health related products that you can get from your local CVS like aspirin, or a cane. They also get vision, which includes lenses or frames and preventive dental, all at no additional cost to them.

UnitedHealthcare believes that seniors are very important, and leading the charge for the cause of seniors is its Executive Director, Karen Johnson. She explained that her company is all about preventative care and giving members less worries.

“I treasured my grandparents, they gave love unconditionally and offered me a refuge from judgement and frankly, obligations,” says Johnson. “Seniors nurture the best in us and often provide the landscape for our learning, they need to be taken care of and not taken advantage of.”

UnitedHeathcare is a managed healthcare provider meaning it has nurses and physicians that help provide more coordinated care. Their primary focus is preventive care and intervening proactively to work with members make the appointments, get their medication, monitor blood sugar and that they don’t have barriers navigating the healthcare process.

“It’s not out of the ordinary that our members might show up at our headquarters for assistance and we are prepared for that as well,” said Johnson.

UnitedHealthcare also has a member advisory committee that meets on a monthly basis.  This diverse group reflects their membership and gives the organization critical input to improve the way they deal with members.

While the other healthcare providers in DC are solely local entities, UnitedHealthcare has the resources of a parent company, in Greater United Heath Group, that covers 80 million people across the United States.

According to Johnson, UnitedHealthcare is deeply embedded in the community and doesn’t only focus on their members but the entire community.  Medicaid resonates with Johnson because she worked as a nurse at a clinic and took care of low-income families.

UnitedHealthcare is taking a proactive role with the Dual Complete plan in signing seniors up and getting the word out.  Their outreach includes community events, health fairs and planned kiosks in health facilities.

“I have a passion about healthcare disparities and we can do a whole a lot more to help the residents here, so what better place to be than DC,” said Johnson.

For more information visit or call 1-866-367-7527.





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