Ward 8 School Board Race


Longtime Ward 8 resident, community activist Phil Pannell lost his bid to get seated on the ward’s State Board of Education seat.  The incumbent, Trayon “Tray” White, beat him.

This is Pannell’s second time running against White and loosing.  Pannell has been a veteran activist in the LGBT movement across D.C. and currently heads the Anacostia Coordinating Committee as the Executive Director.  Active in his community, Panell believed that the ward deserved seasoned leadership after the passing of former board member William Lockridge.

However, Lockridge’s wife gave White the endorsement after his passing, along with Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry and White has been undefeatable.

D.C. Board of Elections show White captured 72.5 percent of the vote, with Pannell receiving 27.1 percent.  The race was much closer in the special election following Lockridge’s death, where Pannell came within 200 votes of White.



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