Barry wins 3rd Council Term


Former Mayor Marion Barry wins his third term as Ward 8 Councilmember, defeating would-be Independent challenger Jauhar Abraham.  He beat out his Democratic challengers in the city’s primary in April.

Barry, 76, is a former four-term mayor and represents the city’s poorest ward east of the Anacostia ward and his constituents love him. Kyree Jones, a ward 8 resident, said, “I love Barry. He is my mayor for life and as long as he is still here I will vote for him.”

Barry has held the seat amid public outcry over the past year of comments he made against the Asian community coming into ward 8 with their small businesses and not keeping them clean.

A member of Barry’s campaign, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “We ran a clean campaign, as we always do and the people of Ward 8 came out and voted.  Marion Barry is a true force that cannot be beat!”

Abraham’s campaign could not be reached for comment.


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