Good News At ERCPCP


By Clifford Cooper

East of  the River Clergy Police Community Partnership (ERCPCP)  is a collaboration among churches, law enforcement, social service agencies and area residents that has brought about a renewal and rebirth to neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River.

Since its genesis in August 1999, the East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership (ERCPCP) has made dramatic strides in reducing violent crime among youths in the Southeast area of Washington, D.C.

Its mission is to assist youth and adults living east of the Anacostia River who are in need of life transformation though community-based, supportive housing, workforce development and re-entry focused services.

Our goal is to reduce adult and juvenile crime rates east of the Anacostia River by 50% by the year 2025, by  working  with local and federal government to increase the availability of decent affordable housing and living wage jobs for  those who reside in crime ridden and impoverished neighborhoods east of the river.

Our two major Programs are service as the DC Youth Link and Transitional Housing:

DC YouthLink is a nonprofit coalition of organizations with a mission that has partnered with DYRS to successfully reintegrate juvenile offenders back into their communities by working with partners to provide a host of services and support to the youth and their families.  DC YouthLink is working with local and national partners to improve the community reentry process such that the needs of DYRS youth, the family and the communities to which they return are being met.

Offering a continuum of community services and support to incarcerated youth in reentry is an integral part of the juvenile justice system. There are a vast array of services in a youth’s home communities to support them. Historically, however, there was no convenient way to find out about the full range of these services and providers.

To bridge this gap, DYRS has partnered with two community based organizations, the East of the River Clergy-Police Community Partnership and the Progressive Life Center, to provide community-based services for DYRS youth.

ERCPCP as the Lead Entity for Region I,  (Wards 7 & 8 and PG County, MD) functions as the care coordinating entity which funds and monitors over 20 youth providers in their Regional Service Coalitions, and serves as an engagement vehicle for increasing and diversifying community-based services for over 300 DYRS youth.



ERCPCP’s housing efforts includes providing transitional housing to its 20-25 residents participants.  Our housing program consists of a monitored, well-structured and a strictly supervised facility which has 24 hour on-site monitoring, curfews, random room inspections provides individual and group counseling sessions, job readiness training, employment and housing assistance, spiritual discipline, drug education, financial literacy, and assistance in securing long term housing.

In March of 2013 ERCPCP will begin providing Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment services to DC residents.

ERCPCP is headquartered at 4105 First St. SE, Washington, DC 200232, ph 202-373-5767, Transitional Housing located at 4115 First St. SE, Washington, DC 20032 phone 202-563-3690

Please visit our web site at for more information regarding all of our programs and services.



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