U.S. Postal Office to Stop Saturday Mail Deliveries


By C.N. Staff Writer

The U.S. Post Office officials announced early February that it will stop Saturday deliveries of mail, but keep package deliveries, beginning August 1st.  This news comes as the post office has announced serious profit loss in recent years due to the rise of the Internet and e-commerce.

Officials say that the cut back will save roughly $2billion per year and postmaster general Patrick Donahoue said that the American public understands.  He said the post office has financial challenges and they are taking the necessary steps to get back on the right track.

What this change will look like has yet to fully be decided, but it is likely that the Postal Service Saturday hours will be cut back.  People will however still be able to access their in-office mailboxes and drop off mail to postal offices.  The delivery of packages on Saturday will continue because it is profitable for the Postal Service.

The final decision will rest on Congress, who, in the past, has included a ban on five-day-a-week mail delivery in its appropriations bill.  The service is asking that Congress not reimpose the restriction that is due to expire on March 27th.



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