Anita Bonds Deserves Your Vote


By Editorial Board

anita bondsThe special election for the DC At-Large race is April 23rd. The election will fill the At-Large seat that Phil Mendelson vacated when he won the election for council chairman. There are seven candidates in the race, but we believe there’s one that stands out.

Anita Bonds is, in our judgment, the best choice. She has been involved in DC politics for decades and has shown through her commitment to civic participation that she will best represent the residents of the District of Columbia.

As the chairwoman of the D.C. Democratic State Committee, she has led the city in democratic outreach, always ensuring that D.C. has remained prominent on the national scene. A political operative, she understands D.C. politics and has played a key role in helping elect many of the city’s best leaders.

She served in the past mayoral administrations of Marion Barry and Anthony Wiliams, both times advising them before they took office, and then working as one of their top officials in their administration.

We applaud her past work as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Ward 5, always ensuring that her constituent’s needs were foremost in her efforts as their representative. She led the charge in the revision of the ANC manual, which resulted in better results across the city.

The Capital News enthusiastically endorses her because we believe she will restore accountability, improve constituent services and be an ethical voice the council of the District of Columbia so desperately needs.


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