Invite-Only 2013 Summer School


By C.N. Staff Writer

Summer-School-LandingPageEvery summer the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) system offers summer school to students who want to retake failed classes or catch up on subjects that they lagged behind in during the school year.  The process has been a first come, first serve basis, with many students enrolling as soon as the slots become available.  This coming summer that process will change for Kindergarten-8th grade students.

According to the DCPS website, summer school will now be offered on an “invite only” basis.  The website states, “We are strategically inviting certain students to enroll who will benefit most from the program based on their progress in reading during the school year.  Parents/guardians of identified students in grades K-8 will receive letters of invitation to register their students.”

Registration was opened March 11th and is still on the first-come-first-served basis, but this year for only those students who have been invited.  Additionally enrollment is online through the DCPS website.  A statement explaining the change in this summer’s school session says, “We only have room for about 2700 K–8 students, but obviously DCPS has more than 2700 K–8 students who need robust experiences over the summer.  We are working with CBOs, school-based programs, the Office of Special Education, and other partners to arrange for high-quality summer programming for struggling students who either are not a good match for the program or are on the waiting list.  More details about these opportunities will be shared here throughout the spring as they become confirmed.”

Invite Only

To find out more information about how you can register your child, if they have received an invitation, please go to or call 202-478-5738


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