Mayor Says DC Employees Will Get Raises


By C.N. Staff Writer

Back during the State of the District Address Mayor Vincent Gray announced that several D.C. agencies have sacrificed raises due to the bad economy.  In mid April he announced that his administration had not forgotten those agencies or employees and soon District government workers will receive much needed raises.

The raises will be implemented over four years and will total 13 percent and the raises were implemented in April.  Nearly $56 million has been set-aside in the mayor’s budget proposal for potential raises that would fund government workers until September 2014.  Speaking about the lack of raises for District employees the mayor said, “I call it righting an injustice that has been done over these last several years.”

images-4The raises are supposed to affect 23,000 District employees, 13,000 unionized employees and another 10,000 nonunion workers.  Police, firefighters, medical staff members and school employees have been more vocal than other agencies about the lack of raises, but the city has entered mediation with firefighters and police which has helped calm the tide.

In a press conference the mayor said, “The District of Columbia has some of the most dedicated public servants anywhere – the people who keep us safe, clear snow from our streets, take away our trash and recycling and perform hundreds of other jobs for us every day – and the vast majority of them have gone for years without getting any sort of raise.”

He went on further to say, “I’m proud to say that, together, we have been able to reach agreement on these union contracts – and that we are continuing to work on reaching agreements with the remainder of our unions in a manner that is both fair to our civil servants and responsible with District taxpayers’ dollars.”


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