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Q: How do you feel about the decision of Wal-Mart pulling out of development in DC because of the Living Wage Bill, which will make Wal-Mart pay $12.50/hr. instead of the minimum $8.25/ hr.?


WOS-1Christen Hill
Ward 5
“I feel like it’s unfair to only make Wal-Mart pay that much money. As an employee, I feel like I would need that money because D.C. is so high. I feel like the city and Wal-Mart should come to a better compromise. I think they should pay $10 an hour because we definitely do need the jobs here. Wal-Mart is a great place for lowincome people because it sells their things at a lower price. So it will be a win-win situation if they come here and they should be able to come to some sort of compromise.”



WOS-2Edyie Whittington
Ward 8
“The economy dictates that no one can live off the minimum wage. Therefore, it should be raised to $12.50 so people can live off the salary they make. You can’t live a comfortable life below minimum wage. There’s a compromise between $8.25 and $12.50 and if Wal-Mart doesn’t want to compromise then Wal-Mart can leave. We have to make hard decisions. I would hate to see them leave, then unfortunately they will have to leave.”



WOS-3Glea Butty
Ward 6
“Having Wal-Mart pay $12.50 would be beneficial to the people who work there and their families. A minimum wage of $12.50 can’t hurt.”




WOS-4Letea Williams
Ward 8
“They might as well go with it. The amount they are asking is not that much. It’s not asking much for people who have to provide for their families and pay rent. The point is trying to get people off the streets of D.C., so why not. Minimum wage is not enough, people are going to be going from one job to another or quitting and ending up back in the system and the thing is we are trying to get people off the system. A lot of people have already suffered for them getting ready to open the stores so they might as well go ahead with it.”


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