Mother’s Tea


By C.N. Staff Writer

Mother's Tea Photo 1When they first met having tea together was the furthest thing from their minds. Caught in the middle of a very violent and deadly situation, these two mothers had never experienced before, the pain of having one mother’s son kill the mother’s son. Yet, here they were in the courtroom, one on one side and the other on the other. Family members surrounding them, the tension was great, the mood was somber, and they found themselves, after several visits, this time staring at each other one anticipating a response, an action, some kind of movement on the part of the other. It was Marita Michaels, the mother of Devin Fowlkes, who was shot and killed outside of Anacostia Senior High School on October 30, 2003, who made the first move toward reconciliation. As Michelle Postell walked by Marita reached out and the two embraced. Thus, the beginning of a journey of a lifetime.

On Sunday, October 6, 2013, the mothers held their eighth Mother’s Tea at the Willard InterContinental Hotel. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, fathers, brothers, uncles and sisters of those who lost their lives due to homicide and violence on the streets of the District of Columbia, all came out to show support to one another. Friends from throughout the DMV came to support these families. Worship in dance, prayers from local ministers and pastors, resonated through out the ballroom, and people were moved to tears.

The Tea has served as a place of healing, a beacon for the gathering of hurt and pain. The Tea has over the years demonstrated that through collective participation, and in the sharing of one’s experiences people find common ground for the purpose of getting through their place of darkness, and in some cases despair. Throughout the gatherings we have seen more and more persons who came in with hearts that were heavy, leave with joy in their hearts and a smile on their face. Without something like this in our city, where would our people, who have now becomes victims themselves, go for peace, deliverance and restoration.

Tea photoThe Mother’s Tea has served the community well. Having this Tea has made the difference in the lives of so many people. As a community we should be very thankful for the two mothers who were willing to come together and present themselves as living sacrifices for the good of the collective whole. We have come from a mighty long way and still have a mighty long way to go. What happens in our communities are our responsibilities, and we must be willing to open our hearts, minds and souls so that the King of Glory can come in, and share with each and everyone of us the vision He has for His people.


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