Thanksgiving through My Eyes


By Tralicia Robinson

thanksgiving-cornucopia1Thanksgiving to me has always meant coming together with my family and enjoying that precious moment of life with the people I love. Cooking a big feast as the family catch up on times that were missed or reminiscing about great memories that were shared. I continue to have that outlook on Thanksgiving but with a broader aspect. Coming from ward 1 to ward 8 has impacted me in such a tremendous way by visually seeing the compassion some people have for an individual who is in need. This way of giving thanks made me think back into history and why Thanksgiving as a holiday was started. In 1621 Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Plymouth colony and about 90 Wampanoag Indians. The Indians helped the Pilgrims because they had suffered a horrific winter which half of their number died ( I feel too often we think of our family as only being our relatives forgetting the family that we share as a community. That same someone who I walk pass every day in need of help I will take on what I have learned and give back as the Indians once did long ago and be thankful for all that I have this Thanksgiving!!


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