Citizens Advisory Council


By K. Levek

Citizens AdvisoryThe Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory panel in each police district that provides the district commander with information and recommendations from the community on the public’s safety problems and police service needs.   The CAC of 7D Police District recently held their annual awards gala, where they honor police officials and citizens for the extraordinary work in the southeast community they serve.

Chair of the CAC, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 8E, Mary Cuthbert said, “I am pleased to have this annual event. It’s important that our police officers know we appreciate them.”  The event was held at the Boiling Air Force base, located in southeast, in the Congress Heights community.  This year the CAC honored Truant Patrol officers Sergeant Shaun Thompson, Officer Tamaira Watkins and Officer Willie Galtney.  Police Service Area Officers (PSA) Richard Rice (PSA 701), Berrit Willis (PSA 702), Michael Kersey (PSA 703), Anthony Allen (PSA 704), Tonia Jones (PSA 705), Anthony Hendrick (PSA 706), Adam Mendryga (PSA 707) and David Bacon (PSA 708) were honored for their work in their respective service areas.

The awards ceremony featured guest speaker Nancy Ware, Director of Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia (CSOSA).  She spoke about crime statistics within Ward 8 and the how the CAC has helped 7D police district fight crime in the ward.  She said with the CAC’s help, CSOSA and 7D police district has been able to look at emerging trends and ways to address these trends.

Co-Chair of the council, ANC 8C Chair Anthony Muhammad said he looks forward to the event every year.  “It’s a great time when we can come out and celebrate not only our council, but what officers have done to keep our community safe.”  Mr. Mohammad and Ms. Cuthbert have been involved not only as ANC commissioners, but with the CAC for many years.  Through their leadership, they have seen violent crime in Ward 8 drop tremendously.

The 7D CAC holds monthly meetings every third Wednesday of each month that allows residents to meet and discuss police-related issues with the 7D commander, Robin Hoey. The meetings also provide an opportunity for police officials to assess the impact of their crime-fighting efforts on the community. Hoey, who was recently named the commander spoke during the gala, honoring past commander and current DC Housing Police Chief Joel Maupin.

The CAC, as well as Ware paid homage to the late Mr. Greg Thomas, who was the former 7D Captain for CSOSA.  Mr. Thomas had a sudden heart attack this summer and passed, but his legacy was remembered and recalled throughout the program.  Various speakers lamented how he helped with accountability tours in Ward 8, helped provide instructional curriculum at the academy, began partnerships with community and faith-based organizations to secure community service hours for reentry citizens.

The 7D CAC meets every third Wednesday of each month at the Faith Tabernacle Church, located at 2465 Alabama Avenue SE.


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