Food Truck Lottery Begins


By C.N. Staff Writer

Food Truck LotteryThe District’s food truck scene has been growing rapidly over the last year.  It has grown so much that the city now has to host a lottery system to accurately accommodate all the trucks.  The lottery went into effect the first day of December and trucks who wish to participate must pay a $150 fine if selected.

The new system, which begins Monday, will allot assigned spaces to participating trucks for their exclusive use every weekday. They’ll be able to park in the spaces for four hours.  District officials say the lottery is intended to bring predictability to the city’s food truck scene, which until now has permitted operators to park wherever they choose.

The new lottery system only covers locations in the District where food trucks traditionally congregate, such as Farragut Square, L’Enfant, Metro Center and Franklin Park.  Trucks that wish to sell food in those locations are allotted a parking space based on a lottery system that only they can use during lunch hours.  Food truck parking used to be first come, first serve.  Trucks who don’t make the lottery must park at least 200 feet away from the designated parking areas from those trucks who were successful in the lottery.


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