Are you the Perfect Mate?


Are you the right mate? It is often said that there are no good men or women left and being single is a struggle, but while you are looking for or wanting to be found by the love of your life, do you bring enough to the table to be considered a “Great Catch”  for that special someone that may be looking for you?

Often times, we lie to ourselves and like to think that we are the best person that anybody can have in their lives! We often say, you will never find anybody better than me, or he or she can’t love you like I can, but we never stop to think about what we truly bring to our relationships in regards to our flaws and assets!

How often do you ask yourself if you are the right mate for someone and what makes you the right mate! How often do you spend time with yourself to figure out how to better you! It’s my personal opinion (and could possibly pass for a professional opinion) that you can’t be a mate for anyone if you do not know what you bring to the table! What makes you a great spouse, what attributes do you have, what are your flaws, and are they livable flaws? What I mean by livable flaws is: do your flaws cause too much tension between you and your spouse and is it something that can be easily acceptable? However, if infidelity, substance abuse, or finances are part of your flaws, those are not livable flaws, as they will cause too much tension in your relationship!


So while you are searching for that right mate, I challenge you to make sure that you are the right mate for someone once you are found! And yes ladies, you are to be found! So ladies work on yourself, so when Prince Charming does come your way, you are ready to receive the blessing that God has bestowed on you! Men, gain confidence in your abilities, so that your future mate is confident in your abilities to be her provider. The next time you look at a potential suitor with the attitude of “what can you do for me”, make sure you know and are confident in what you can do for that person!


Dr. Roselyn V. Aker-Black has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a freelance writer, life coach, psychological consultant, relationship expert, and owner of, a website dedicated to providing realistic relationship advice to couples.


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