A New Fort Stanton Recreation Center to become a Reality


The Fort Stanton Civic Association President, Addie Cooke, has been a pillar of the Fort Stanton community for over 30 years. She has also been lobbying the District’s government to provide her com­munity with a new recreation center for much of this time. She said at least the last 10 years. “Every time they (Department of Parks and Recreation) say we are getting a new recreation center, something halts the project. I know DPR has the money.”

She is talking about the prolonged process the remodeling is taking. In June 2010, former Mayor Adrian Fenty held a groundbreaking ceremony for the center located at 1812 Erie Street, S.E. However, no renovation has begun on the center. The $12.5-million project will replace the current 2,500 square foot recreation cen­ter with a new 18,000 square foot commu­nity center complete with a gymnasium. The project also includes renovating the existing pool house, installing a pedestrian connection to upper fields, and installing additional parking for patrons. It will also include a senior room and still maintain the outdoor basketball court it currently has. The new recreation center is expected to be LEED Silver certification.

The project is slated to begin demo­lition May 7th. It will be completely torn down and re­built on the same site. It is projected to open in August of 2012. For now, the old center has been temporar­ily relocated to Wilkerson School, located at 2330 Pomeroy Road, S.E. It is open from 5-9pm while the old recreation center is undergoing reconstruction.

Cooke said, “Its going to be fabu­lous!” She said the center has not been renovated since it was built back in the early 1960s. “Children need a modern place to have fun and seniors need a place to get out of the house.”



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