Bringing Arts & Culture to Congress Heights


Jaimie Miller/Keyonna Jones-Lindsay


Former home to Capitol Services Management, Inc., a 30 year-old Washington DC Certified Business Enterprise, 3200 Martin L. King, Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington DC will now be the new home of Congress Heights Arts & Cultural Center (CHACC).

Longtime Ward 8 resident and local developer, Phinis Jones an avid fine arts collector himself, initially wanted a space where he could share his art, as well as create a space where local artists had an opportunity to exhibit and display their own work. The original thought quickly morphed into a community serving venue, where residents can fully immerse themselves in the vast culture of their community and ancestral history.

CHACC’s goal is to inspire, educate & expose the community, especially our youth, to arts, not only in our history but in our own community. The center hopes to be a catalyst to igniting passion, balance, health and happiness, beginning in Ward 8 and ultimately throughout DC. Residents will be exposed to the various forms of art including but not limited to visual art, literary art, music, film, theater, etc. The center will also offer various workshops on topics such as money management and health & wellness as well as fitness and art classes. Art Exhibits will include both artists on the rise and renowned artists.

CHACC will be a safe haven for our youth to explore various interests that are likely not offered through the traditional curriculums at their schools through alternative teaching styles. There is an immense history of Washington, DC, specifically in Southeast that will be highlighted.

The CHACC launch party weekend will be Friday, July 31 – Sunday, August 2 as it officially opens its doors. The weekend will showcase a grayscale series by Shawn “Painta” Lindsay. On Saturday, Shawn will also be teaching 2 sip-n-paint sessions (RSVP will be required). Additionally, we will have live music, yoga, a drummers circle and much more. The launch festivities will be just a preview of what the center plans to bring to the community all year round.

If you or someone you know would like to be involved or volunteer for the center, feel free to contact to CHACC staff at (202)563-5033.


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