Hubert Jackson: Honoring the Spirits of the Journey



A retired art educator from Washington, D.C. Public Schools, Hubert Jackson is happy to have retired in 1999, because since then his authentic painting style has emerged. He says he feels he’s expressing what has meaning to him.

His exhibition, “Spirits of the Journey,” is a phenomenal show inspired by memories of the Civil War, it’s rich in history, expression and symbolism. What I especially like is the uniqueness of each artwork in the exhibition, each piece has its own story.

Hubert states in the exhibition catalogue, “My recent work deals with the period of American history from its inception throughout the Civil War and in particular the spirits of those who have come and gone but remain anonymous and unaccounted for through war, slavery, poverty or the passage of time.”

In July 2015, the exhibition was at the Tri-Mission Art Gallery, Embassy of the United States of America, Rome, Italy.

Growing up in Culpeper, Virginia, Hubert lived in an area where many major battles of the Civil War were fought. But, it was not until his retirement, as he traveled from Colonial Beach to Culpeper to Washington, D.C., that he began to explore the battlefields and take an interest in the history of the Civil War. While developing this series, he researched the historical accounts of major battles that took place in Virginia and he was able to collect relics from different battlefields from relic hunters and on Ebay.

Hubert is inspired by the spiritual essence of those bodies left on the battlefields, including his ancestors, that are now a part of the landscape. He says he feels a spiritual connection to those who died. His visual interpretations are capturing moments in history, so that those who fought and lost their lives will not be forgotten.

Hubert’s compositions demand your attention because there’s so much going on. He designs his mixed media paintings by overlapping layers of textures and colors, transcending one form to another, creating distinctive vertical planes, as well as, incorporating Civil War relics and vegetation from the battlefields. He says his works reflect the multiple planes of existence. The columns and light in his pieces symbolize the spirit ascending like Christ.

Hubert has a master’s degree in Art Education from Howard University.


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