Tragedy Strikes Baton Rouge Again


By Baldin Needham

Woman walks with child through high water.
Woman walks with child through high water.

Baton Rouge has made its way to the top of News headlines again. This time it is not a man-made disaster like the fatal shooting which left 3 police officers dead, 3 with other officers’ non-fatal injuries, and a dead assailant.

Baton Rouge got hit with a catastrophic flood. The region was flooded after two days of heavy rain fall and overflowing water bodies between August 12-14. Recorded data showed that six trillion, nine hundred billion gallons (6,900,000,000,000G) of rain fell in one week, with those two days showing the highest recording of rainfall. Climatologists and meteorologists’ described this as the most historic flooding in the US, since 33 years ago (1983) when the region experienced a flood which they never thought could be surpassed. Some say it is the most devastating thing which happened since “super storm Sandy” back in 2012.

Reports are that over 40,000 homes were damaged, 20,000 people have been displaced, and 11 people are reported to have also died as a result of the flood. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this massive flood. Capital News sends its condolences to the families of those who lost their loved ones. It is never a good feeling to lose the ones you love.

This disaster has put a stop to most businesses, school, and several daily activities for these people. The flood also led to people looting from the stores, and taking items which they think may help them as they try to recover from their loses.

A round of applause to all the emergency units in Baton Rouge; police officers, firemen and women, and private agencies who participated in the mass rescue of the people. Additionally, a big shout out to community residents, who made the sacrifice to help their neighbors, who they saw in danger during this tragic time.

Baton Rouge needs help. It has been estimated that it will take $30million dollars to cover the damages, which could increase as the authorities continue to run a scope of the damages.

In order to really make America great again, the people need to set aside their differences and help each other out in times of need. Be that brother, sister or neighbor’s keeper. Let’s unite as one, for this is the United States of America.

We can start by following the lead of those who have made contributions to the victims of this horrific flooding. Reports state that Taylor swift has donated a million dollars towards helping the victims. We need others to step in and help, politicians, other celebrities this is your chance to show your worth, and how much you care for your fellow countrymen.

Some people may not have million dollars but organizations like the Salvation Army and Red Cross have offered their assistance to the victims. These agencies are welcoming items (clothes, shoes, food, money etc.) which will help the victims. So, look in your pockets, closets, storage, garages and send what you have to help these people. As a nation we need to be, “All for one and one for all.”