The East of the River Clergy Policy Community Partnership


The East of the River Clergy Policy Community Partnership (ERCPCP) is a southeast non-profit organization that has been in existence for more than 10 years. Under the leadership of founding Executive Director, Rev. Donald Isaac, the organization has seen consistent growth and proven results in the southeast com­munity by helping adult and juveniles. ERCPCP’s mission is to assist individuals and communities east of the Anacostia River who are in need of positive transformation is achieved by offering programming and assistance in areas related to vio­lence reduction, community devel­opment, prevention, and re-entry

The partnership between the clergy, police department and the community began in Decem­ber of 1999. It was established in order to repair a neighborhood long plagued by crime, poverty and disenfranchisement which sat right in the backyard of our Na­tion’s Capitol. The genesis of this effort at police-clergy teamwork stemmed from conversations between former Po­lice Chief Charles Ramsey and Reverend Anthony Motley who then served as the President of Inner Thoughts, a S.E. commu­nity organization dedicated to a form of street level ministry which had been of­fering positive alternatives to at-risk youth since 1981.

In the early discussions, Chief Ramsey and Rev. Motley considered how DC might replicate a police/clergy col­laboration which had successfully and dramatically reduced youth crime in Boston, known as the “10 Point Plan”. The Boston program was well received when presented to a group of clergy and was later tailored to the S.E. environment to become 7 points.

From ERCPCP’s inception, the organization has deeply resonated within the community it serves. Over time mem­bership grew rapidly and with gained membership came support and resources. After more than 10 years of service in the southeast community, ERCPCP has shifted from offering programming based on its initial “7 Point Plan”, but continues to be an organization committed to community wellness with a particular emphasis on public safety.

Like most non-profit organiza­tions, ERCPCP has felt the impact of the economy on its operations. However, we are fully committed to continued collabo­ration to provide much needed services to underserved communities. With a dynamic staff of young leaders, ERCPCP currently offers the following programs and services: 40 Days of Increased Peace Activities Clergy Response Team; DC Trust/ DC DYRS Region I Lead Entity; Faith Based Transitional Housing Program; Frederick Douglass Memorial Weed & Seed Site; Girl Talk & Man 2 Man Youth Conferences; In­dependent Living Housing Program; Sup­plemental Educational Services; and the Washington Highlands OST Workforce De­velopment Program. Understanding the importance of building valuable partner­ships and strengthening community lead­ers, ERCPCP also helps to build capacity among other grassroots organizations by providing technical assistance and fiscal agent services.

To support our ongoing work, ERCPCP has planned a number of excit­ing fundraisers and events that we hope you will join us for. The first of which is our “Power of 10” Networking and Fundraising Soirée being held at Busboys and Poets (5th and K) on June 2, 2011. For the full list of events and to find out more about our partnership, visit us online at We look forward to your support in “reclaiming a generation… one child at a time.”



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