Business Highlights: The Business Center


The Business Center was organized in November, 2002, as a limited liability company. The reorganized efforts of Tax Management Services and the Capital City Business Center led to a re-defining of the objectives and strategies for the Business Center, which resulted in the realistic and sound business plans herein.

Additionally, the aforementioned efforts have provided the Business Center with a modest client base of approximately 200 clients. These clients will serve to strengthen the foundation of the Business Center within the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Business and consumer-specific marketing strategies, coupled with a government-worker focused ad campaign are geared to increase the current client base by at least 50% next year (2011), with the target for 2011 being 500 clients!!! Free consultations and service discounts will spearhead the assault on our competitors’ market share.

The Business Center is equipped to offer quality, affordable and confidential tax preparation services with options of IRS e-filing and state electronic tax filing, equally efficient as our competitors. Taxes, Plus is the brand that consumers and small businesses of the Washington DC Area will become very familiar with, offering year-round, professional tax and small business services…including a free 1-hr consultation (by appointment) to all. Additionally, the Business Center will take tax services to another threshold, urging clients to consider their entire financial picture with tax planning as an added plus.

Professional business services to include, but are not limited to, accounting and computer services assessment is available to existing and emerging small businesses in our service area. Credit repairing and tax problem solving is a vital service available to all of our clients, pre-requisited by our free-consultation.

Short-term objectives include educating of our clients about the long-term benefits of financial planning towards security, working smarter, rather than harder. Long term goals include the expansion into the Baltimore Metropolitan Area and DC/Baltimore municipal worker focused promotions of our Government Employees Financial Services Company (GEFSCO).

The Management Team consists of 4 qualified, dedicated people, who have been instrumental in his/her own way, as the final stages of the 2011 marketing strategy are being implemented. The Managing Partner, Jonah Orr Jr, has over 20 years in tax preparation and is currently pursuing his CPA.

Financial histories suggest that home-based operations proved profitable, careful and strategic planning/implementation that will assure similar results in a storefront setting. Taxes, Plus has opened a new office located on Ward 8’s Great Street Corridor at 3119 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE, Suite 301. Quality, professional and affordable tax and business services are now available exclusively to all Ward 8 businesses and consumers and the rest of the DC metropolitan area!

Based on the detailed projections, if the Business Center is able to secure the line of operating credit to pursue expansion into a quality storefront, expected client flows could be even higher than modestly projected.

In light of the stagnant growth of our economy, the Business Center is preparing to provide its current and future tax preparation clients with an excellent alternative to establish best practices. In short, no longer will the theme be, ‘hurry in and file for a fast refund.’ Instead, the Business Center will urge its clients to, “hurry in, file your taxes and save now for your financial future. You’ll be glad you did.”

For more information about Taxes, Plus please call (202) 621-8104 and schedule a free, 1 hour consultation…your opportunity to receive free answers/advice on personal and/or business matters that you may have needed for some time, now!

Experience our motto at the Business Center LLC…
”Your Business IS Our Business!”


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