How Social Media Effects the Way you Work


The social media network has become an integral piece and a great benefactor in business technology. It is a useful ingredient in building up a career and people seem to use it a lot in their work places today.  Some sites like Facebook, one of the biggest social network sites, has changed the way people think and use social media, but improper use could cost you your job.   However, if you are taking on a new venture, Facebook can be a great tool to help move you in the right direction. One of its key advantages is the opportunity you get to meet people from diverse backgrounds, common interests and even people who could help build the foundation for something bigger. Twitter is another useful social network that can help you spread your business by making new clients and staying in touch at all times.

It does not end at Facebook and Twitter, social media has become so common and useful that there are several other sites that have proven to be equally constructive and swift in spreading new ideas.  Diaspora and LinkedIn are two of the newer sites that have proven to be more practical than Twitter and Facebook, partly due to the low spam. These sites are helpful for those looking for jobs, making new clients etc.  Creating a blog is another way that you can promote your business.

So how do you go about social media marketing? The degree of effort you are willing to invest in your social media marketing campaign will likely relate directly to the results you see.  Check out these points below to see where to start:
Blog! – If you don’t have a blog already, you need to start one. The most effective and powerful tool in your social media marketing arsenal is going to be your blog. In short, blog about a particular niche subject (the one directly connected to your business), write often, and apply some solid search engine optimization tricks and you’ll be well on the way to kick-starting your social media marketing strategy

Listen! – If you are going to make a real splash with your blog and other content, you need to listen to what’s being said about you, the latest news in your niche content area, and even the hot discussion points outside of your niche.

If you are in tune with all of this information, you will be in a much better position to both write and share compelling content, and you’ll never be accused of not taking part in the discussion at the heart of social media practice.

Respond! – It’s one thing to listen to what’s been discussed about you, your content, and the latest news in your field. It’s quite another to respond.

One effective way to build your online presence and authority is to leave informed, thoughtful comments on other blogs when they discuss your business, or talk about something of interest to you or your brand.

Being responsive to feedback, and on top of the latest trends in your industry is a subtle form of marketing in and of itself. Carefully thought-through responses that add to the conversation will gain your far more respect, and people will in turn click through to your website from the URL link attached to your name.

Share! – Finally, when you find interesting information, videos, blogs or other content online, make an effort to share it with others. The same goes for your own content. Over time, if you make use of some of the services mentioned below – social bookmarking services, for instance – to give something of value to the communities you join, you will build up respect for doing so.

There’s a lot of information out there competing for people’s attention. By pointing out great things that you’ve found, and drawing attention to your own work, you can provide people a great service. Over time, you’ll be acknowledged as a subject area expert, turned to and recommended.


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