Dr. King Memorialized


This month will mark history in Washington, DC and across the nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be me­morialized, becoming the first African- American to receive such an honor. The celebration will take place August 28th and is expected to draw nearly 400,000 people to the city.

The legacy of Dr. King is deserv­ing of a monument, to say the least, for the strides and accomplishments he has made for the African-American population in America. His vision for the future not only spans America, but has reached many other nations in their quests to overcome racial ten­sions. This is evidenced by the various groups of people who connect with his dream.

It is also worth nothing that Dr. King is only one of two African Ameri­can’s memorialized in the Capitol of the United States (the other is Sojourner Truth- commissioned by First Lady Mi­chelle Obama).

What does this mean for African Americans you may ask. This is a mile­stone for the community. It is a time to reflect on the past accomplishments that leaders like Dr. King has made, and his accomplishments should ignite something in each of us to strive hard­er to make our world something great.

We salute Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a fighter for peace and harmony among all people.

To find out more about the memorial celebrations please visit www.mlkme­morial.org


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