Southeast Native Offers an Alternative Voice to R&B


26-year old IhsAn Bilal is a native Washingtonian from the southeast quadrant and is offering a new sound to R&B music with alternative R&B.  Born in California, having lived in Turkey and raised in California, Bilal brings a rich sound to music with this eclectic background.  She credits her upbringing to her versatility, stating that it has helped her create all types of music.

She says, “My music is creative, sincere and not ordinary.”  A creator of music since the age of 6, IshAn has dedicated her life to creating lasting music.  Her passion for music drives her focus in other areas of her life such as the things she eats, the time she spends and doesn’t spend with friends and even her sleep.

She credits N.E.R.D. for her creative influence because of the group’s use of a wide variety of musical instruments and eclectic sound. N.E.R.D. is also her dream artist to work/collaborate with.  Her work ethic has been influenced by a legend in the field of music, Michael Jackson and current chart-topper Beyonce.  She says although she may not get much sleep it’s all worth it for her music.

When asked about staying in DC, IshAn says she enjoys the city, but its not enough for her to get much recognition.  She says eventually her music will allow her to move to another city but for now its DC.

Her album BIG red BOX will be out on July 26th and she’s worked on this project for more than two years.  She says the sound is a mixture of R&B and electric sass.  She wrote all 15 tracks and co-produced most of them.  The sound is creative and refreshing and her first single Big Bang Theory is an example of the high energy you will hear. You can download her album on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and CD Baby.  You can also check out her website and her Youtube page: ihsAntv.

To keep up with IshAn follow her on facebook and twitter/ @ihsanbilal

Her new single “Big Band Theory” is now on iTunes: listen and download here:


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