New Jobs Move to W8


Residents in Ward 8 have something great to look forward to in the coming months.  A manufacturer of printing supplies, MVM Technologies Inc. will move its headquarters to the east campus of St. Elizabeths and its manufacturing and distribution center to P. R. Harris Educational Center.

The company is currently headquartered out of San Clemente, California and manufactures printer supplies, including inkjet and toner cartridges and inkjet refill kits, as well as tracking devices, sensors and semiconductor packaging.

Although it is unclear when the move will take place, the MVM’s senior vice president for government relations, John Marsh stated in a June announcement that the firm plans to employ more than 270 D.C. residents, and 2,800 after three years.

The slated $80 million Industrial Revenue Bond project is currently under legislative review by the D.C. Council. The legislation calls for MVM to renovate, equip and furnish one building on the St. E’s east campus, roughly 41,000 square feet, as its headquarters and another 125,000 square feet of the PR Harris Education Center.

Marsh cited MVM CEO Dan Loyer‘s “vision of establishing manufacturing facilities in economically challenged cities in the United States,” as the chief reason for the 3,000-mile relocation. The business reason, he said in a later interview, is the federal government’s presence here.

Mayor Gray has recently stressed that much of the new development that is taking place in the southeast and southwest quadrants are giving residents in these wards “an equal chance” to “catch up with the rest of the city.”  However, there have been many development projects that have come to ward 8 and ward 8 residents have been overlooked. It is often stated that the residents “aren’t prepared” to enter the workforce.  This is a two-fold argument.  Developers who are truly committed to “giving back” to communities like ward 8 will let residents know what the requirements are to work on their projects in a timely fashion and those residents who are interested will work to gain those necessary certification skills needed to compete for a job on theses sites. Residents can only hope that MVM will honor its new location by hiring residents from the community it will become a part of.


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