Customer Service is Key to Business Growth and Success


The Great Streets (GS) Seminar Series for the month of August 2011 was held in the form of a webinar titled, “Building Profits:  One Customer at a Time!”

The webinar’s presenter, Jonah Orr, GS Program Coordinator, opened with his goals for the presentation: a) to learn basic customer service fundamentals, b) to make note of key customer service points to retain for later use, and, c) to understand the inseparable relationship between quality customer service and maximum profits.

Afterwards, he moved on to ‘Customer Service 101,’ detailing how to keep your customer coming back:

a) Treat them with respect

b) Listen to their requests, comments & complaints

c) Give that extra effort to show them they ARE important to your business.

Continuing to the section on Building Customer Trust, Mr. Orr elaborated on the value of relationships of trust between businesses and their customers, noting that relationships are a primary catalyst for insuring repeat business and encouraging referrals.

The six customer service strategies that work and win customers are:

• Strategy #1: Stay in Touch
• Strategy #2: Make Great Service a Priority
• Strategy #3: Store Collective Wisdom
• Strategy #4: Empower Your Staff
• Strategy #5: Know Your Customers
• Strategy #6: Manage Customer Relationships

The winning customer service strategies were immediately followed by valuable tips towards building customer loyalty.

This webinar proved to be a valuable point of reference and interest on customer service fundamentals and their inseparable relationship to building a business profit.  Simply put by Mr. Orr:  “Increased customers result in increased profits!!!  And increased customers come from a quality customer service strategy/policy!”

If you are interested in receiving a PDF version of the webinar presentation, “Building Profits: One Customer at a Time!” you can contact Mr. Orr on (202) 563-5200 or email him at


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