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In business just three short years, Prince Wend Medical and Health Center’s pledge to recruit well qualified medical professionals is one of the primary reasons for the organization’s success.  The owner, Dr. Josephine Ignis, started the business to reach out to the medically underserved population in the southeast community.  Since the opening of the business, the center has been able to serve its target population without regard to financial status, age, gender, race sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. Customers have presented a need and the health center has fulfilled them.

Startup capital for the business was produced by Dr. Ignis, in what she has described as her labor of love. She said that it took her some time to raise money to open the center, but she never gave up on the possibility of the center.

With more than 90% of the organization’s customers coming from the local community, Prince Wend Medical & Health Center relies heavily on the word of mouth, referrals, and the internet for its customer base. Above all else, the flexibility exhibited by the staff at Prince Wend is what separates them from their competition.

Some patients prefer to come to see Dr. Ignis as a way of sidestepping long waitlists and the unaccommodating hours associated with larger medical facilities. In other cases, some clients are on the opposite end of the scale opting to endure the longer waitlists as a result of the need for specialty services which are, oftentimes, housed in the larger facilities opposed to the shorter waitlists offered by her organization. Either way, the staff at Prince Wend is always ready with a warm smile or a helping hand ready to meet their clients needs; whatever the time, whatever the place. This, in effect, is how they recognize and reward loyal customers.

With such a solid commitment to providing exceptional healthcare to everyone, what advice does Dr. Ignis of Prince Wend have to offer burgeoning entrepreneurs? Three things come to mind:

1.      Pay attention to the details, both large and small: these are the things that will set you apart from your competitors.

2.      Learn to depend on the support of your family; a calm, relaxed evening with the family after a long hard day’s work will help you rebuild strength, feel stronger, and generate more energy to spend running the business.

3.      Spend some time thinking about exactly what kind of business you want to venture: map out a plan, determine where the need for your product or service is greatest, and then GO FOR IT! 

‘Going for it’ seems to be the common theme when talking to small business owners, whether established for as little as three or as many as 20 plus years. Luckily, for the men and women of Southeast Washington, DC, Dr. Ignis ‘Went for it!’ and as a result, Prince Wend’s goal of providing the highest quality of outpatient medical care to all the individuals seeking health care from the center has become a robust reality.

Prince Wend Medical and Health Center is located off of the 4600 block of Livingston Rd in Southeast Washington, DC.


Monday August 22, 2011
marked the first day of the 2011-
2012 school year for D.C. Public
Schools. Many students across
the city have expressed excitement
and dismay about starting
back the school year. Students
will kick off the new school year at
123 schools across the D.C. area.
Olando Allen, a ward 6 resident
and 6th grader said he was ready
to start back the year. “I’m ready
to go to a higher grade and meet
new people.”
Still other students were not
so happy to go back to school.
“I had a fun summer and now
it’s being interrupted”, said 10th
grader Akisha Lewis of Ballou High
Along with the
new school year starting
there are also
many new renovations
that have taken place
across the city. School
like Woodrow Wilson,
Janey Elementary, H.D.
Woodson and Anacostia
High underwent
major facelifts with revitalization
Enrollment is also
up this school year, according
to reports by DCPS and
this year marks the first full term of
new Chancellor Kaya Henderson.
Henderson worked under former
Chancellor Michelle Rhee, who
resigned last year after Former
Mayor Adrian Fenty lost his reelection
For updated information about
school changes and closings
please visit


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