Business Highlights: Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab


Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab opened in April 2009. Vivid is a project of ARCH Development Corporation. ARCH Development Corporation (ADC) is a nineteen year old 501[c] [3] not-for-profit community based organization that believes arts and the creative economy can be employed as part of a comprehensive, synergistic approach to community revitalization in the Anacostia community of Washington, DC. Founded in 1991, the organization began providing small scale neighborhood and business development. In 2004, the Board developed a strategic plan that lead to a change in focus. ADC believes that, in collaboration with other community groups, arts and cultural activities will not only support the individual artist, but it will fuel economic growth while providing programming for residents that is currently unavailable

ADC feels that properly organized facilities and development programs designed to attract artists, performing arts groups, theater companies and other creative community-based organizations can serve as the engine for neighborhood economic development. This approach will yield other benefits. It will nourish the spiritual and creative energies to allow the community to reinvigorate itself.

In an effort to continually strive towards fulfilling ARCH Development Corporation’s mission of creating a home for the creative economy, artists, arts and cultural organizations to fulfill our mission of revitalization and sustainable economic development in historic Anacostia, the organization has become very adept at employing the use of various marketing methods.

In addition to conducting business and attracting new customers via their website at, Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab uses city paper online, readyset dc online, East of the River publication, website, e-blasts, blogs, brochures, flyers, social media, face to face contact with potential customers at various outings, art openings, local community events, online photography groups and in house events and word of mouth from current customers. They also host occasional workshops, such as portrait lighting and Photoshop courses.

Since we all know that in the business world, it is not just about attracting new customers, so much as it is about attracting and keeping new customers. This led to a conversation on customer loyalty and what Vivid Solutions is doing to keep their customers coming back for more.

In regards to recognizing & rewarding loyal customers, Andrea Hope had this to say: Our loyal, or returning customers are very important to us. They keep the business alive. Keeping them satisfied and always guaranteeing quality work with a quick turn around time keeps them coming back, and prompts them to spread the word and share their positive experience with other potential customers. Word of mouth from our current customers, sharing their positive experiences, is one of the best forms of advertisement, and we receive many new customers this way. In terms of rewarding loyalty, our returning customers receive special discounts & offers through out the year, special holiday offers and coupons. Such as if we receive a new paper, we’ll offer to run test prints of their work on the papers and this allows them to further explore their works of art in a new and exciting way”.

As a matter of fact, the excitement of working with customers can also be seen in the blending of professional and personal responsibilities.

For example, whether I’m at an art opening, out to dinner, on vacation, out with friends, etc. I constantly notice art and photography and how it’s presented to the public. I can say that, at some point through out the evening, say if I’m out with friends and we’re having dinner, my work and social life definitely blend. We may start talking about art and who and what inspires us, and then a comment is made about how the place of business could use some art on the walls, and then it just so happens that a friend knows a friend who knows the owner, and then puts me in touch with the owner who’s looking to hang some photography in his/her place of business, this in turn allows me to present some ideas and artists that we work with at the lab, and eventually print up some artwork for this business. It is great exposure and compensation for the artist that we work with, and for the print lab. I’m constantly networking and if I see something that I think could benefit from the services that we offer at the print lab, then I will make every effort and take the necessary steps to make that connection. I’m constantly networking, it’s just comes naturally when you truly enjoy your “job”.

Another more exciting aspect of this job and career field is the ability to work with and for a good portion of Anacostia artists and photographers. We have two sister galleries that are part of ADC as well, The Gallery at Vivid Solutions, which is housed in the same building as the print lab, and Honfleur Gallery. We maintain a concise email list of local artists and reach out to them anytime there’s an event or opening or call for art at the galleries and also reach out to them through e-blast if the print lab is hosting an event (ie: portrait lighting course, photoshop course) or offering special discount offers. I’d like to say we know and have a working relationship with the majority of artists in the community, but we’re also meeting new artists often. So it seems to expand and grow, which is great for us and for the community.

So if you are an aspiring artist looking for a venue to showcase your work, a local business owner hoping to spruce up your office space with beautiful, eye-catching, archival photographs, or just person looking for individualized customer service and quality prints for a special occasion, feel free to contact Vivid Solutions DC at (202) 758-0339.



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