D.C.’s First Son is Laid To Rest

Marion Christopher Barry, son of late �Mayor for Life� and Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, died Sunday August 14th of a drug overdose of the synthetic marijuana drug K2 and PCP. A mystery man to many, Barry lived a very public life because of his father�s public role. Growing up in the eye of the media can be hard and Christopher made that known. While he died an entrepreneur, owning

Addressing the Crisis in the African American Village

By Pastor Kip Banks, Sr. When it comes to the problems plaguing Black America often critics will say that the problems are rooted in the pathologies of urban Black culture, like crime, violence and high...

Two Top Bowser Aids Leave

By C.N. Staff Writers The Bowser administration is losing two of its senior positions held by women. District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson announced she is leaving before the new school year begins...

D.C. Youth Accomplish Their High-Tech Dreams

A reprint from Howard University's Flagship Newsletter Spring 2015 Edition OIC DC A new technology training program in Washington, DC launched by the Opportunities Industrialization Center of DC (OIC/DC), the Howard University Center for Urban...

Fall in Love with Reading

By Milton Brown What book did you read as a child that spurred your love of reading? Was it Gipson’s venerable Old Yeller? Was it the adventures of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys? Was...